Tips & Tricks

A beginner’s guide to making moving easier

When you move your house, one of the jobs that take the most of the time is packing everything in time for when the removals company arrives. To ensure everything arrives at your new house safely, you should follow some packing guidelines that will make the process feel less overwhelming.

Do you know where to start?

If you would use a word to describe the process of moving that would be stressful. Part of this stress has to do with packing all your belongings, placing them in boxes, and handling them to the removals company to transport them across the country. Even if you don’t move everything, when you make a list with the items you have to move, the task seems impossible because there is so much to do in so little time. To ease the process, you should try to be organised and to make a list for each room. This way you’ll ensure you don’t leave items behind and you know what every box contains. Use fyllemaskiner to mark the boxes that include fragile items.

The moving boxes determine the state of the belongings you move

You can find on the market standard boxes made from the same material as ordinary shipping boxes. If you want to store your belongings in safe conditions purchase some made from thicker cardboard because they allow heavier packing. You probably wonder if you should use some boxes you have around the house to save money. Used boxes are an option as long as the goods you place in then aren’t too heavy. Etikettmaskin is helpful in notifying the removals company what the boxes include.

What do professionals recommend?

When moving, you may ask yourself if you should pack yourself the belongings or if you should hire professionals to do it. If you choose to pack your belongings use korkemaskiner to label the boxes and tell the moving company what each box contains. If you lack time, you should hire a removals company to pack the items because they have experience and will ensure all your belongings are packed and transported in safety conditions.

What should you leave behind?

Before you start putting things in boxes, you should make a list of things you no longer need. It’s important to pack lightly and efficiently because it doesn’t worth to pay for moving items you will later throw away. You should leave behind old furniture items that can break during transport, clothes you no longer wear, and dishware you haven’t used in a while. Also, you should check with the removals company the items they aren’t prepared to move because many removers refuse to transport sharp objects.       

What should you do with the things you don’t move?

When selling the house, you have to clean it thoroughly, so you’ll have to get rid of the things you don’t move to your new home. Make a list with the things you can sell and organise a yard-sale. If you don’t have time to organise and promote the yard sale you should donate them to a local charity. Someone definitely needs the things you no longer use.