A Simple Guide to The Most Popular Patio Materials

Building a patio is not as complicated as it seems and can be a fun weekend activity, but only if you know what you are getting yourself into. Besides the design of the patio, you will also have to take into consideration the materials you are going to use. In total, there are six types […]

Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Burglars always look for an easy target to strike. How can you discourage them? While there are certainly thieves that can watch your house for several nights until they break-in, getting a level of security to your home might discourage them from breaking in. A simple and effective method is to make it look like […]

Essential home office design tips

Are you planning to work remotely for the next months? Whether your home office is in the corner of a room, or you have a small room you can repurpose, there are few essential aspects you need to consider. If you spend the full work week at home, you cannot work at your kitchen table […]

4 Tips for Designing a Product Label

A beautiful and nicely designed product label is usually made to draw the attention of the customers. But more than that, a label is created to make a brand stand out. It contributes to a business’ effort in designing a good brand identity. Your company may create excellent products useful for many customers. But it […]

Workspace design tips for higher productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace, there are many variables to consider. However, certain aspects weigh more than others. It’s no news that the working environment has a direct and powerful impact on employee’s productivity and overall performance. The ambience and layout of a space can influence people’s feelings and behaviors. As […]

It’s the moment to boost your home security

When decorating a new house, the funniest part of the process is decorating it. You get to pick wall colours, textures for fabrics, and materials for furniture. But once you decorate the entire house, and pick accessories you must focus your attention on an aspect you may not find so entertaining. You must set up […]

Garden ideas to steal from Scandinavian design

Everyone loves Scandinavian design for interiors, but have you ever considered to bring the North to your garden? The clean lines and sharp colours would work great in an outdoors environment. Scandinavians have to make the most out of the short time they have to adorn their gardens because in the northernmost parts of Scandinavia […]

3 tips for starting a home decor& furniture e-commerce business

 E-commerce home goods is booming these days as buying home décor and furniture online is becoming increasingly popular. It is a lot more convenient for customers and often costs less. So, there’s no better time to start a home and furniture e-commerce business than today. Yet, starting a business is never easy, no matter if […]

Preparing your home for your first adopted dog

Bringing a new dog home is an amazing experience, but it can certainly be challenging as well. Whether you adopted a puppy or an older dog in need of a loving home, the first time you bring them home will be just as emotional. Their first days in the new home are going to be […]