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Decadent Vanity Room Designs

Every woman dreams of having a vanity room where they can keep all their beauty products within reach. While some settle for a small vanity corner, others want to enjoy plenty of space and stylish pieces of furniture large enough to fit all their beauty products. For them, we have gathered some decadent vanity room design ideas to match many home interior styles.

Baroque accents

If you are a fan of the decadent decorating style, you will certainly love this vanity room that combines elegant pieces to create a place that inspires luxury. The items that attract the attention are the lamps and chandeliers that are in a strong contrast with the light hue of the vanity table. The golden mirror matches the golden details of the lamps and increases the feeling of luxury. Choose your decorations wisely to maintain the same elegant air.

Silver details

This vanity corner is another great choice for women attracted by opulence and luxury. Besides the light shades that inspire femininity and add delicacy to the room, we couldn’t help but notice the interesting mirror-like finish of the table. The silver tones match the large mirror and make the table look even larger, even though it is large as it is. Complete the design with some large curtains in the same warm light tone as the flower-shaped chair.


If you need a spacious vanity room that will fit all your cosmetic products and your styling tools, this is what you need to look for. You can organize all your personal care products in the drawers so you will have everything within reach. There will be plenty of space for your flat iron, curler, and blow dryer as well so you won’t have to worry about space. To make the white vanity table stand out, choose a dark hue for the walls and add a large mirror with a metallic frame.

Victorian elegance

Nevertheless, this is one vanity room idea that will meet even the most demanding tastes. It incorporates a stylish sink in a gorgeous cabinet decorated with sculpted details. The mirror is chosen in the same decadent style, in a large size, and with stunning details. Everything is completed with a shiny wallpaper and a beautiful chandelier.