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Essential home office design tips

Are you planning to work remotely for the next months? Whether your home office is in the corner of a room, or you have a small room you can repurpose, there are few essential aspects you need to consider. If you spend the full work week at home, you cannot work at your kitchen table because it can affect your back health. It’s essential your home office to be cosy and comfortable, to feel creative and complete your work efficiently.

Here is a list of tips you should follow to create an inviting and practice home office design.

Make sure you have enough space

When you pick the room where you want to install your home office, make sure it’s spacious enough to work comfortably. Think about the tasks you complete while you work and ask yourself if you can move easily from side to side. This may be a no-brainer, but often people underestimate how much space they need and end up in offices that don’t properly fit their needs. Make sure that you have plenty of room to install your desk, chair, Etikettprintere, and other office equipment. A general rule is the space to be at least 150cm in width and 210 in depth.       

Select the desk and chair

After you clear the area you want to convert into a functional office, you can start looking for a desk and chair. Ensure the desk is wide enough for your computer, Etikettskrivere, and other devices you may need to use to complete your work. The ideal office desk is 120cm wide minimum. But if you only use a laptop, then you can work with a smaller one. For most people an 150cm wide desk is ideal, but it may not be practical if you want to install it in a crowded room. You should also ensure the desk isn’t too high for you. Between 70 and 75 high is an acceptable version.

And don’t forget about the chair, ensure you get one comfortable enough that adjusts to your needs.   

Storage and shelving

Only because you have plenty of storage solutions around the house, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the ones for your office. When you clear out the space to make room for your home office make sure you have enough space to install shelves, cabinets, and other storage spaces for equipment like Blekkstråleskrivere. Consider your working process and try to determine in advance the storage space it requires.

Natural light  

Natural light is essential to sustain your performance. Choose a location with plenty of natural light and a view to a place you like to admire. Always position the desk to face a window or a place where your screen won’t be affected. You can install translucent blinds to prevent the light from reflecting into the computer screen and reduce the glares into your office without darkening the room. If you need more light install some open-top floor lamps in the corners of the room.