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Garden ideas to steal from Scandinavian design

Everyone loves Scandinavian design for interiors, but have you ever considered to bring the North to your garden? The clean lines and sharp colours would work great in an outdoors environment. Scandinavians have to make the most out of the short time they have to adorn their gardens because in the northernmost parts of Scandinavia the growing season is 60 days long. The rest of 9 months are a prelude to summer. With so much time to plan, people have an impulse to spend as much as they can outdoors, so they pay great attention to every detail in gardening. From garden furniture to species of flowers and shrubs, they make sure they don’t take their gardens for granted. But it doesn’t mean they fuss over details, or bring artificial into nature. They count on balance and wilderness. 

Northern people love manicured lawns and precisely pruned trees and shrubs. If you share their passion for details, and want to create a place that allows you to connect with nature, check the following ideas. 

Reuse, recycle and reclaim

The northern countries are famous for their recycling programs, so when they build spaces outdoors, they make sure they design them following these policies. They use only materials that do not harm nature, recycle every element they can, and use only natural supplies. From old reconditioned benches, chairs and tables to weathered wood and metal objects converted into plant pots. They also use natural materials like gravel to create pathways in their garden. They get landskapsarkitekttjenester supplies from specialised companies because they use only high-quality products.          

They trust the colour palette of nature

When you create a space that allows you to connect with nature, you use hues and textures inspired by outdoors. Scandinavians love nature, and in both interior and exterior design they use only shades found in nature. From greens to white, black, browns and greys, they all complement spaces and are located in the surrounding landscape. They collaborate with landskapsarkitekt suppliers to get materials for outdoors decorating.     

Create a space that lives for the light

People lack light in northern countries. So, during the warm season, they make sure to soak into sun rays. They create their gardens to take advantage of the light and all materials they use to decorate, reflect light. When they buy gravel from companies that provide landskapsarkitektur they ask the supplier to present them the rage of natural supplies because they want to integrate the warmth of nature in their gardens. In this part of the planet, the changeable northern light is a fact of life, and people study its progress to know how to install garden furniture. The movement of the sun across the property influences the species of plants they use, and the position of the furniture. The beautiful thing about Scandinavia is that they build gardens not only around their houses but also on top of buildings, on balconies and plant tall trees to create shady pockets around yards and parks. 

When building a Scandinavian garden, the secret is to plant accordingly and to let nature go a little wild.