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How Keep Your Bedroom Cool in the Summer

The hot summer comes with high temperatures that make it impossible to sit inside the bedroom without cooling it first. The torrid heat in the room will surely cause you to wake up during the night, and you will have trouble falling asleep as well. Therefore, if you want to have a resting, quality sleep, you must first ensure that the bedroom is cool and pleasant to be in. If you want to find out what you must do to keep it this way, read the following lines.

Switch to compact fluorescent lamps

If you haven’t already switched to compact fluorescent lamps because of energy saving considerations, you will surely make the switch now. The ugly truth about incandescent bulbs is that they waste most of their energy in the heat they emit. This means that they consume energy in a useless way, and they heat up the place as well. On the other hand, compact fluorescent lamps focus solely on providing light. Therefore, this change will help you save money on the electric bill, and it will help maintain your bedroom cool as well.

Use the Vornado NGT335 tower fan

A great solution that you can turn to when you want to cool the bedroom is to use the Vornado NGT335 tower fan. It costs only $100. The innovative V-Flow technology that it uses makes this tower fan capable of providing complete air circulation without oscillating. It allows you to choose between a direct line of airflow or a wide span of airflow. It has 5 speed settings that you can choose from. The touch-sensitive controls make it easy to use this tower fan. It features an energy saving timer that you can set between 1 and 8 hours. In addition, it comes with a remote control that makes it more convenient for you to operate the unit.

Keep the blinds closed during the day

About 30 percent of the heat that enters your bedroom comes from the windows. Therefore, if you want to keep the bedroom cool in the summer, you must keep the blinds closed during the day. This way, the additional heat won’t enter your home, making the environment feel cooler without the use of any type of device. Also, keeping the blinds closed when the sun is up will help save up to 7 percent on the bills, all while lowering the indoor temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Open the windows at night

In summer, the temperatures drop considerably when night comes. To keep the bedroom cool in the most efficient way possible, keep the windows opened at night. This will allow the cool air coming from outside to create a pleasant ambiance in the bedroom. Just make sure that you close the windows and the blinds when you wake up to prevent the heat from entering the bedroom.