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How to design a Moroccan Inspired Bedroom

Morocco is a country of Northwest Africa, which inspires you with French, Arab and Spanish elements. Moroccan interior designs are heavily detailed which makes them a relevant decorating option for everyone who desires an exotic decor. Keep on reading if you want to find more about how to design a Moroccan inspired bedroom.

Color scheme

Moroccan design is extremely bright, so you can choose tones such as fire red, sunshine yellow, hot pink, vibrant blue for the walls and accessories. However, if you want to design a bedroom with less color saturation, you can opt for earthy colors, from brown to tan. Choose natural tan colors to paint the walls and if you think about creating a focal point in your bedroom, you can paint a wall in a strong color such as blue, green or pink. Moreover, you can use silver or gold accessories to add a touch of sparkle and shine.

The furniture

In every bedroom, the principal element should be the bed. You should opt for a king size bed which can be accessorized with colored linen or a traditional bedspread and plenty of pillows in raw silk fabrics. Moreover, you can place some armchairs and two nightstands where you can place some lamps. The traditional Moroccan interior design inspires you with carved wood furniture pieces, windows, and doors. Furthermore, the embroidered linens can provide you with a romantic and elegant ambient. If you want to be more creative you can hang a colorful canopy above the bed to add a touch of eroticism.

The lighting

Traditional Moroccan interior design style brings lighting fixtures with detailed decorative accents. In place of traditional lamps, you can put on bedside tables some colored glass lanterns. Moreover, you can hang from the ceiling a metal lantern or a big chandelier with diffuse light which will create an amazing ambiance. You can be more creative and insert some candles in some colored glasses which feature Moorish patterns.

The accessories

The Moroccan style is well known for its decorative items. As such, you can place a Persian colored rug on the floor and two ottomans at the base of your bed. Moreover, place a painted-tile, framed mirror on the wall and dress your windows with some long and colored curtains. In fact, all the Moroccan decorations will animate your bedroom and will provide a relaxed atmosphere.