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How to save space in a tiny house


If you own a house that’s not as spacious as you have desired, then you need to learn how to organize each and everything in your house. This is not the easiest task, considering that you will have to pay attention to all the details related to furniture, colour pallets and storage space in your home. Usually, when you own too many things and simply store them away without thinking if it is convenient in the long run, you lose a lot of space and your house will start to look overcrowded. Follow these tips related to storage, decorating and organizing for the best possible results:

Hidden storage and multi-purpose items

When you have a lot of items to store but no storage available, you need to get creative. Start by using all the hidden storage in your house. Store the pliable coffee table behind the couch, use the space under your kitchen table to store away items that you use rarely, organize your shelves by colour to create the effect of structure and opt for multi-purpose items. In an era where space became a problem, multi-purpose furniture can be found everywhere. Try beds with space for depositing under them and lots of pliable furniture items.

Choose your colour palette wisely

Light colours and focal points are two things you should strive for in a tiny house. Light colours combined with mirrors can contribute to the impression of a bigger space. You should try warm nuances like beige, combined with white ceilings and a coloured focal point. Depending on how much available space you have, you can opt for a playful wallpaper. Combining a well-chosen colour palette with lots of big mirrors will make your house look bigger than you expect.

Pull furniture away from the walls

This is a small trick that has a huge impact – pulling the furniture away from the walls will create the effect of spaciousness. Plus, talking about hidden storage space, this is the perfect opportunity to store items behind the furniture. It is a very useful trick for small homes and – even though you might believe pulling the furniture away from the walls will only make the room look smaller – try this and see what happens.

Stripes, stripes, stripes

The usage of striped pattern creates the illusion of bigger rooms. Buy rugs that have stripes on them and place them on your living room. Patterns are a great way of creating the spaciousness effect, but you have to choose them carefully, since some patterns can have the exact opposite effect.

Clear shower curtain for small bathrooms

Extra tip: for small bathrooms, do not opt for patterned shower curtains. Instead, try the opaque, clear ones. It’s quite difficult to create the bigger room effect in a small bathroom, but this trick will surely do the job. Also, do not store unnecessary items around here. Buy decorative boxes and store them in hidden storage places instead of visibly storing them. Your house will look more organized in an instant. Don’t hesitate to try these tips right away.