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How to store antique wood furniture properly


Whether you inherited antique furniture and you do not have the necessary space to place it in your home but you still want to preserve its value, you are planning to renovate, move to a new place or you just need extra space, the reality is that you need to find a suitable environment to store your precious furniture. You have to be aware that you are about to initiate a time-consuming process that requires great attention and carefulness. Obviously, self-storage represents the best solution for your problem and you have two options. First, if you only intend to store the antique furniture for just a few weeks, you can go with a basic unit. However, if you plan to store it for an indefinite period, then you have to select a climate-controlled unit that will preserve your valuable pieces of furniture in tip-top condition. Drastic temperature changes and humidity represents the biggest enemies when it comes to wood furniture, electronics, musical instruments and fabrics in storage. Therefore, when exploring storage units North York, make sure that you choose the most adequate one.

Clean and disassemble the furniture

Before you even transport your furniture to the chosen facility, you have to follow several steps that will ensure the adequate preparation of the items. First, you have to take each piece and clean it thoroughly using a fresh cloth. Depending on the material, wood, metal or glass, you have to purchase the appropriate cleaning solution. Next, you have to leave the pieces in a room with good ventilation in order to dry. This will impede trapped moisture reside on the furniture when you cover and pack it for storage purposes. Trapped moisture can lead to the appearance of discoloration marks and ruin your heritage. Secondly, you have to disassemble the furniture in order to facilitate the transport, especially larger items like beds, dressers and tables. However, you still need to remain organized meaning that after you remove the legs from your table, the drawers from your dresser and planks from your bedframe, you have to group and label them strategically.

Cover the furniture for protection and store it properly

After completing the preparation process for the long-term storage, you have to ensure the necessary protection for your valuable antique furniture, particularly those pieces susceptible to breaking, such as lamps, mirrors and framed pictures or even table legs and chairs. Bubble wrap represents your ally in these types of situations. Under no circumstances should you suffocate the pieces of furniture with plastic package materials. When you open the unit, you will see why. They provoke condensation and unwanted smells. You should opt for blankets, sheets or covers because they allow the air to flow and impede the dust from setting on your vintage pieces of furniture. When the time comes to place your items in the storage unit, you have to pay great attention. Do not cram the pieces of furniture without establishing a plan. Moreover, you should avoid placing the bigger items over the small pieces because you will ruin them.