Home Design

Impress your guests: create a warm and inviting home


In the mornings, when the alarm clock mercilessly wakes you up, the bed suddenly becomes the most pleasant and comfortable place in the whole world. In the evenings, relaxing a few moments on the terrace or on the balcony while breathing fresh air is all you need to recover after a stressful day at work. Occasionally, sitting in front of the fireplace with a good book in your hand and a glass of savory red wine in the other helps you forget about responsibilities, disappointments and failures. However, you have to admit that kitchen becomes your favorite place when tasting that delicious cheesecake your mother taught you to make in childhood. Undoubtedly, at home you can be yourself so even if it has a few flaws here and there, you easily overlook them because it does not impact your life significantly, but what happens when you plan to throw a party, organize a social gathering or social reunion? In fact, it does not even have to be a huge event, just expecting some guests.

How to increase the comfort in your home

Obviously, they have not lived the same experiences in your home so they might view it with different eyes. Therefore, you job is to make some last minute improvements or additions in order to transform the interior of your house into a visibly cozy and inviting space. Do you remember those minor flaws that do not bother you? Consider fixing them for making a great first impression. For instance, if you noticed that in the last period, the air is heavier and you cannot help but sneezing alarmingly often, you might want to initiate a detailed inspection and read the best dehumidifier tips because you are dealing with excess indoor humidity and possibly mold growth in the basement or another place inside the house. Furthermore, keep the windows wide open to let the warmth of the sun and the fresh air come in. This will eliminate that unpleasant discomfort you experience as well as those breathing difficulties. You should also check the air conditioner in order to determine its working condition; you might have to replace it for increased efficiency.

How to create an inviting ambiance inside your home

As for the inviting part, you will have to make some minor changes in terms of décor. Start by adding more plants in different areas of your living room and bedroom. Apart from improving your health drastically, they are visually appealing. Even though you try to get the most out of natural lighting during the day, you should consider including some lights in every room of your house, especially at the entrance for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere, besides the practical use of course. It will undoubtedly surprise your guests within the first second. Cinnamon, apple and vanilla are warm scents that everyone loves and that your guests will definitely appreciate very much your initiative of including them I your home. Finally yet importantly, pamper them with some delicious treats. They will never want to leave your house.