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Industrial Adhesive Tape: More than Meets the Eye


It’s not until you begin working with adhesive tape suppliers personally that you fully understand the incredible properties and potential benefits of custom adhesives. To most people, adhesive tape is the kind of everyday sticky product used for a wide variety of remedial jobs. Certainly not the kind of thing that would likely be brought into an industrial setting, to be used for purposes of importance.

In reality however, more businesses spanning more sectors than ever before are discovering how industrial adhesive tape can be uniquely beneficial. It’s simply a case of ensuring that the ideal products are purchased in the first place, exclusively from the most advanced and capable supply is on the market.

Still, there will always be those who look at things like adhesive tape with a certain sense of scepticism. After all, how can something as simple as adhesive tape bring any real benefits to a business? Particularly for those in manufacturing settings, who may be reliant on alternative joining processes.

Exactly what is it about industrial adhesive tape that is capturing the ID and the attention of more businesses than ever before?

1. Surface Compatibility

Well, first of all there is the way in which high quality adhesive tapes can be used on the kinds of surfaces that may be entirely incompatible with other joining methods. Rough, uneven and generally awkward surfaces – not to mention pretty much all materials across the board – can be joined using high quality industrial adhesive tapes with ease. As is the case with custom adhesives in general, every key property of a bespoke adhesive tape can be customised in direct accordance with the requirements of the business. Which in turn guarantees the kinds of flawless results that would be impossible to attain through any other means.

2. Unrivalled Strength

Contrary to popular belief, making the switch to a custom adhesive tape does not mean having to compromise in terms of strength. Believe it or not, the right custom adhesive for the right application can be every bit as strong as any other approach to joining – including heavy-duty welding.  These days, there really are no limitations to the strength and durability of the bonds that can be created using these kinds of products. What’s more, given the fact that they are also uniquely compatible with more materials, they can also be infinitely more versatile.

3. Ease of Use

Another of the reasons many businesses choose industrial adhesive tapes are over alternative joining methods is the way in which they are so fundamentally easy to use. Particularly when compared to the application of mechanical fixings or the use of welding equipment, there really is nothing simpler than applying the required adhesive tape. When working with a custom manufacturer, such tapes can be designed and developed in the most precise manner to suit their intended purpose. Which means that whatever shape, size and specification of tape you need, it can be designed and delivered accordingly.  All of which adds up to total simplicity and convenience.

4. Superior Safety

Then of course there’s the obvious way in which adhesive tapes are among the safest types of adhesives and joining methods to use in any environment. It really is relatively difficult to go wrong with an industrial adhesive tape. And even if you do, it’s not as if the consequences are going to be nearly as severe as they would where an accident or incident to take place involving welding processes. Up and down the United Kingdom, businesses in growing numbers are being forced to take a long and hard look at the safety or otherwise of their everyday processes. Where it’s possible to bring industrial adhesive tapes into the equation, it’s equally possible to take health and safety to a higher level.

5. Outstanding Affordability

Last but not least, bespoke adhesive tapes can make manufacturing and various other business processes considerably more affordable. The greater your requirements for joining materials, the more you stand to save by making the switch. For one thing, it’s not as if industrial adhesive tapes are particularly expensive in the first place. But it’s the way in which few, if any, additional tools and resources are required to work with them that makes all the difference.  When compared to more traditional industrial joining methods, the costs associated with industrial adhesive tapes tend to be exponentially lower.