Home Design

It’s the moment to boost your home security

When decorating a new house, the funniest part of the process is decorating it. You get to pick wall colours, textures for fabrics, and materials for furniture. But once you decorate the entire house, and pick accessories you must focus your attention on an aspect you may not find so entertaining. You must set up security measures because burglars strike daily, and only home security measures can stop them from destroying your property and stealing your belongings. To help you figure out what things you must focus your attention on, we created a guideline that lists the aspects you should consider.

Let’s discover them together!

Secure the doors

Most times burglars don’t break windows to enter houses, they go through the front door because the homeowner forgets to lock it, or they leave the key nearby. To ensure there are no weak points, inspect all exterior doors and check their doorframes. Inspect the hinges for protection, and check if they have a main slot, someone can reach through and open the door.

If you purchased the house from someone who called it home before, it’s best to change all door locks. This way you make sure no stranger has a key copy to your house. It’s wise to also reinforce the doors with deadbolts, strike plates, and video doorbells. Pair them with a boligalarm and you can have peace of mind.            

Lock the windows

Burglars mainly use doors and windows to enter a house. unfortunately, most windows aren’t effective when it comes to creative criminals. So, it’s best to upgrade the security with key-operated levers and locks. When you change the windows opt for window security film, glass break sensors, window bars and plant prickly bushes under the windows. You can also use a varmpepumpe to boost security.   

Light up around the house

You should focus your efforts both inside and outside the house. Criminals don’t like to be in the spotlight, so they operate at night. But if you light the surroundings of the house, install lights along pathways, and use decorative light for the landscape, they’ll avoid your house because they won’t feel safe. Use an elbil-lader, motion-activated lights, solar-powered lights and timer lights.       

Your garage can be an entry point

All entry points to your house can become weak spots criminals can take advantage of. They will search for ways to access your house, and the garage is one of the first doors they check. It’s best to lock all doors before you leave the house, and double check the garage because it’s easy to miss it.

Also, you should keep the garage door opener inside because a burglar can easily break the window of the car and get it. For doors that require a secret code to open, it’s best to pick something unique, and keep it secret. Never enter it in front of people you don’t know and trust. Get a smart garage door opener, and install video cameras around the house.