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Labeling and packaging in marketing- 4 tips to do it right

 Who would have thought that the product packaging and label can be such a significant marketing opportunity? Yet, the packaging and label of your products can have a huge marketing power. After all, when consumers purchase your products, even when they pass by it in the supermarket, they see your brand. 

The packaging and label of the products you sell don’t just have to be a simple container that specifies the product detail. Aside from that, they can be fun, engaging and invite consumers to interact with your brand further. They can even send buyers to your website or social media. 

So, it’s no doubt that as a business, you need to be more considerate about the packaging and labels you use for your products. Here are four tips on how to use packaging and labeling as marketing tools the right way. 

1.      Make sure it includes the brand name and logo

The first thing you absolutely need to make sure of is that the packaging and labeling include your brand’s name and logo. And, not only that they include them but also that the logo and business name are in an area of the product packaging that is really easy to see. 

More precisely, ensure that the packaging’s design includes your brand’s name and logo on the top, preferably the first thing that customers see. 

After all, if a customer goes to the store precisely to purchase one of your products, it’s the logo and name they’ll be looking for to identify your products. So, set your Etiketteringsmaskiner to create labels and packaging that displays your brand’s most important details in a visible spot.  

2.      Tailor it for your brand message

The packaging of your product needs to be in line with the message your brand wants to transmit. 

More precisely, if you are, for example, a professional business that sells an elegant bottle of wine that you use a korkemaskiner for, make sure the packaging and labeling are also elegant and serious. 

Yet, if your brand sells, for example, funny socks, the packaging and labeling also need to be funny and cool. 

3.      Make the package usable

Like most business owners, so far, you always thought that the packaging of your product ends up in the landfill after the product is finished. And, you likely also thought that there’s nothing you can do about it. 

But, here’s an idea: why not design your product packaging so that consumers can reuse it. A product packaging that can be reused will help your brand and product remain in the minds of the customers who bought it, even after the product is finished. 

For example, say you are selling yogurt that you use a fyllemaskiner for to fill the plastic cans. Instead of using plastic packaging that buyers will for sure throw away after finishing the product, you can sell it in glass bottles or cans that can be reused in so many new ways, such as candle supports or vases. 

4.      Make it easy to handle

When designing the packaging, also keep your end consumers in mind. In other words, don’t make the packaging inefficient or difficult to handle or open. This will only frustrate customers and make them avoid buying your products in the future. Instead, make the packaging easy to handle and to open.