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Make your wedding feel like a fairy tale – use ribbons

You have been dreaming about your wedding day ever since you were a little girl. All those princesses you had seen in Disney cartoons made you want to have a fairy-tale-like wedding, so now, when the time has come, you have the chance to actually have the perfect ceremony just the way you imagined it. Know that one of the must-haves in such situations is ribbons. Look for wedding ribbon for sale on the Internet, pick the most reliable and reputable provider and check these amazing expert planning wedding tips below that let you know how ribbons can actually make the most important day of your life feel like a fairy tale.

Decorating the place

So you have selected a beautiful location for your event, somewhere by the lake with a mesmerizing view. Such a place needs little decoration, this is true, but remember that you want to make it look like a scenery from a fairy tale. Well, ribbons will help you here! Use different types of ribbons of various colours to decorate the nearby trees and create the perfect place for taking some fully of joy photos. Experts in planning wedding also advise that for this type of location and event it is best you choose white furniture that you decorate with some colourful ribbons.

“Decorating” the guests

There’s a new trend when it comes to weddings where the grooms choose to have a thematic wedding and ask their guests to wear specific types of outfits. However, this may not be a very good idea, because it may happen for some of your guests to not have the type of clothes you are requesting them to wear, not to mention that if they would have to buy those outfits, they will probably be put in a difficult and uncomfortable situation. Opt for “decorating” your guests with some buttonholes made out of ribbons and your favourite flowers for instance. It’s a much cost-effective and appreciated solution for everyone coming at your wedding.

The flower-girl

Every wedding has at least one flower-girl and it’s the bride’s duty to ensure she too looks perfect. Decorate the flower-girl’s basket with ribbons and create her a wreath of flowers where you also included some pieces of coloured fabric. Everyone will admire the flower-girl!

“Decorate” yourself

You have thought about “decorating” everyone coming at your wedding; well, don’t forget about the most important person – you! If you feel like you want to stand out from the crowd, you can choose to wear a wedding dress that is designed out of white ribbons! For this though, you will have to find an incredibly good tailor and order ribbons from a reputable ribbon provider. And you can definitely find the right one if you do some online research. If you believe that a ribbon wedding dress is just too much for you, you can opt for having a ribbon decorated bouquet or a wreath of flowers decorated with ribbons. Go for the option that best suits you.