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Outdoor layout: cross the threshold and enter Paradise


From walkways and patios, gazebos and porches, sunrooms and sitting areas to fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor kitchens and theaters, decks and garden ponds, aquascapes and nightscapes, when it comes to outdoor layout, you have endless possibilities. Depending on your needs, you can build different areas for sitting and sharing stories, cooking and eating, standing by the pool or by the fire. Whether we are talking about flowers, furniture, amenities, landscape features or décor styles, only a limited imagination could hinder such a permissive landscaping project. You can treat the outdoor space just like the interiors of your home and even include one or more centerpieces that will instantly captivate the attention of your guests and neighbors. However, keep in mind the most important thing: you must feel like stepping into Paradise when crossing the threshold. The question is, how do you transform a garden or a backyard into an out of this world realm?

The key elements of any striking outdoor space

Well, starting with the basics, the essential elements of a great outdoor space include a covered space that will protect you against the blinding sun, the pouring rain or the merciless wind, a dining table preferably positioned in that covered space, which has the purpose to nourish socialization and allow you to organize family gatherings, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that will not only keep you warm in those chilly nights, but also create a romantic ambiance culminating with the sweet smell of flowers, outdoor living room furniture made from soft materials that has the purpose to increase the comfort of your outdoor space and that you can easily find on www.sgmatta.com. Finally, yet importantly, adding eye-catching decorative pieces is fundamental because it enables you to infuse a small dose of your unique personality. Since you practically creating an extension of your interior space, you can achieve the same decor style in order to create balance and harmony between these two important parts of your home. Combining all the components mentioned above will truly facilitate your daily life.

Give the illusion of more space for a touch of luxury

Of course, during the process, you will realize that paying attention to details is crucial. For instance, choosing the right furniture size will prevent facing arrangement challenges. This means that you have to know exactly where to install it before you even purchase it. You should also consider the number of members in the family or the future outdoor events that you plan to organize. More importantly, make sure that you coordinate all the pieces of furniture; otherwise, it will look chaotic and distasteful. Furthermore, you have to create distinct areas for each activity. For example, in the entertainment space, you can add lights, blankets and even different types of games. As for the dining space, you can add stones, a fire pit and plant more flowers. The main idea however is to leave enough room between these two distinct areas. It will create the impression of organization and luxury.