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Parisian Kitchen Decor Ideas

One of the most interesting things you should know about Paris, besides its beautiful architecture, fashion, and food, is how the Parisians decorate their homes, especially their kitchens. Actually, the Parisian style is a mix of new and old, modern and vintage, but it’s always very chic and stylish.

In order to inspire you, we have gathered some Parisian kitchen decor ideas which will make you love this style.

Mix it up

If you are thinking about decorating your kitchen in a Parisian style, you can mix your old elements with some new ones or you can make a fusion between different styles. This way you will create a distinct and eclectic kitchen. For example, you can choose to place in the middle of your kitchen an old table with colored plastic chairs, or you can opt for a vintage sofa with some ottomans. You can also get a Parisian design by mixing the old furniture with some new appliances. Moreover, it’s recommended to keep the walls white to maximize the amount of light. On the other hand, if you want something more cheerful, you can an accent wall by painting it in a different color.

Choose vintage

Paris is famous for its flea markets where you can find vintage items and unique elements which can help you create a Parisian decor in your kitchen. You should buy a large vintage rug because this is the centerpiece of any Parisian kitchen. Moreover, you can add warmth by choosing something bright, such as a blue or a pink rug or you can go for a colored rug which will offer a good contrast to those white walls.

Be more romantic

Everybody knows that Paris is the city of love, where millions of couples are coming to declare their love. The romanticism is everywhere in Paris, in food, in fashion and even in interior design. Therefore, if you want to bring the Parisian style into your kitchen, you can opt for a big chandelier. Maybe you will see this idea as a cliche, but hanging a chandelier in the kitchen can be the simplest way to bring a small part of Parisian style into your home.