Tips & Tricks

Planning the ultimate backyard wedding

Did you know that you can take your vows under the garden gazebo? As long as there is a permanent structure with a roof, they will approve it for marriage. Sure, it is hard to pull off a backyard wedding, but it is not impossible. If you put in enough effort, everything will look perfect. Even though they come with their fair share of challenges, garden weddings are intimate, romantic, and memorable. If you are hosting the wedding reception in the backyard and exchange vows amidst a beautiful garden setting, please continue reading to get our tips.  

Take into account the season

So, you have taken a step into the garden and fallen in love with the cherry blossoms. The garden may be charming this time of the year, but if you are getting married in the other months of the year, the visual display may not be so tempting. The great thing is that the backyard has something to offer no matter the season. Maybe you want to tie the knot in the fall. This is the perfect time, as the leaves are falling and the temperature is cooling. You can use a deeper and darker color scheme. Orange, deep purple, or bronze will go perfectly with the décor. Just think how beautiful the pictures taken by the will fotograf rena look.

Prep the backyard and bring food for thought

The wedding is around the corner and you cannot afford to waste even one minute. Prepare the garden for the big day. Nature will take care of the décor expenditure, but there are many things to see to besides decorating. Make your guests comfortable. Besides finding furniture for the reception, it is necessary to make sure that toilets are easily accessible. Microphones and good acoustics are also important. Do a sound check weeks before the wedding. Now, let us talk about food. Needless to say, the menu deserves special attention. The ceremony will not be held inside, where there is air conditioning. You cannot serve food that will spoilt in the heat like fish. Opt for hot food from cooking stations. Consider having a food truck.

Hire a photographer

Many agree that the wedding photographer is the most important element. And who can argue with them? The fotograf elverum is the one who captures every magical moment of the wedding. Thanks to the professional, you will not miss a thing even if your mind and thoughts are somewhere else. Hire a wedding photographer ahead of time. Sketch your budget before you start inquiring. Figure out how much money you are willing to spend on a photographer and how much you are willing to invest. Most importantly, meet the photographer in person. The face-to-face meeting will tell you a lot about the specialist and their temperament. Basically, you will know what to expect. Not only do you want someone who is talented but also gives off a good vibe. Many brides are looking for the perfect solution, so schedule a meeting ahead of time and see if the professional is available for the big day.