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Redesigning your house – what can you do with old stuff

While you are redesigning your house one big issue that comes is that you can’t decide what to do with the old stuff. Redesigning does not mean replacing every old thing with a new one however it does mean remodeling a few of them in an innovative way and replace the other few with new ones. But ultimately no matter which way you adopt you are left with numerous items to deal with. What could be the better use of them? We’ll figure that out through a number of ways:

Things to do

Renovating the old stuff: it is not possible that when you plan to redesign everything is out of use for you. You first need to check what could you possibly keep with minor changes. Separate all that stuff at the beginning. Think of innovative ideas for improving them in a way which goes with the new theme you have planned to set and change them in that way.

Use things for other purposes

there are some really cool and ways of using the old stuff which will ultimately reduce your headache and also create newer stuff. Such as if you have an old ladder at how you could use it as a book rack on the wall. An old bicycle could be used as a basin holder. Chairs could be used as shelves or closets, old drums as chandeliers, the old piano can be used for keeping books. All these ideas are very unique and they won’t also cost you much.

Keep it vintage

There is always stuff which is quite old and date backs to quite some time. You could simply keep it as a vintage piece somewhere in your room or living room to add more value to your house instead of just throwing away them into trash cans.

Sell the rest

There is always room for this option when you want to redo all the furniture and things at your place. You could possibly arrange a small sale. Set fair values to your home stuff and invite your neighbors and friends over to your place. Those things which are in a better state and you are already done with them could be sold this way and you can earn money for buying the new stuff. This will ultimately leave the space as well making room for new things to adjust. There might be several items present in the storage units near you. Assure that you check and sell most of them.


 If you don’t feel good about selling your things to anybody you could give any of your furniture to any relative or neighbor for keeping it. It is possible for you to stay in touch with it through that. Plus, if you feel like donating them to some old home or shelter to help the underprivileged this could also be the best idea.


while you stuff like redesigning your house, there are various ways of dealing with the old stuff. All you need to do is be a little innovative and think of ideas which is suitable for your pocket as well as your design. It is important that you check the storage units near you and clear it once a while to remove useless items.