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Things you need to keep in your kitchen


If you are struggling with decorating your kitchen and bringing together all the items that you consider it would create that complete look, do not worry. This article is here to help you form the main idea about what kind of things you need to store in your kitchen and why. From furniture to the types of food you need to store in your pantry, all the lists are here. Have you ever thought if the things you keep on your fridge are important? Well, find out that they are. The phone numbers you keep on your fridge can be tremendously useful when you have an emergency, or you need to contact someone quickly. The kitchen is the place where people spend most of their time, so having such phone numbers close by can be life-saving, especially for the elderly who may not know how to use smartphones. Keeping your homecare number nearby is a necessity, but you can decide that after managing to do the following:

Dividing your kitchen

You should divide your kitchen into different zones, even if the room is not as spacious as you would wish. Dividing the kitchen will make it easier to observe when something is missing and will allow you to go and make a refill right on time. Start by setting up the consumables zone. This area is going to be used to store all the things you purchase in terms of food. You will also have to separate an area for non-consumables, such as storing away the everyday dishes. One side of your kitchen should be dedicated to cleanings products. This should be placed next to the sink or the dishwasher, so you can access the products easily when you need. Your kitchen should also have two different sides for the actual cooking: the preparation one, including the countertops and the kitchen islands, and the oven & stovetop one. It is highly important to choose your furniture and appliances wisely and to make it accessible to kids and elder people.

Pantry essentials

As for panty essentials, make sure that you regularly buy the ingredients you need for baking. These include all-purpose flour, baking soda, powder, cocoa powder, condensed milk, sugar, maple syrup, honey and so on. Rice and grains should also be present in your pantry since you never know when you are going to cook a meal that contains long grain rice or standard pasta. Keep the cereals and the snacks in your pantry and this way you will not crave them so much. Go for crackers, tortillas, cookies or seeds, as they last very well in time. Make some room for canned goods as well. Chicken broth is a must in each kitchen. Don’t forget about sauces of all kinds – salsa, tomato paste, anchovy paste etc. Keep dried herbs and spices in the pantry too, so the smell won’t spread in the entire kitchen. Store everything properly and keep the temperature down in your pantry. Pay special attention to regular cleaning.