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Tips for Choosing an Efficient Robotic Pool Cleaner

Many people love summer and there’s nothing more pleasant than spending the afternoon by the pool or swimming in the warm water. Nevertheless, those who actually have a pool in their back yard may encounter some difficulties when coming to keep it in the running order and remove the impurities from the water. Luckily, there is a solution to this house chore that it will not only help you spare more time, but it will also do all the job for you. The solution is to get an efficient robotic pool cleaner and in order to choose the best one, we will offer you some helpful tips.

<h3>Consider the Vacuum Pressure</h3>
When you look for a robotic pool cleaner, you have to make sure that it keeps its vacuum pressure up until it finishes its job. There are some robotic cleaners that can drop their vacuum pressure if the filter bag is full, which means that it will not be able to scoop the impurities.

<h3>Consider the Filter Size</h3>
There are many robotic pool cleaners that look skinny and have a very attractive design, but whenever they get about half of the pool, you realize that the filter is full and you have to drag them out of the pool and clean them out. Therefore, you have to consider the size of your pool and then to buy a machine that will be able to clean your entire pool in one go.

<h3>Consider having Wall and Step Ability</h3>
An efficient robotic pool cleaner has the ability to clean the steps and the wall. The purpose of this machine is to get up to the waterline and scrub the algae off the sides of the wall, therefore you should buy one that actually does that. Also, the robotic cleaner has to be able to glide around the depth of the pool and remove all the leaves, algae, dirt and other impurities.

<h3>Consider the Navigation</h3>
The available robotic pool cleaners have two types of navigation, namely an internal computer or a systematic process. The first type tries to learn the layout of the pool and afterwards it maps the most efficient path in order to clean the pool and the second one cleans the pool by steps and it senses any objects that might be in front of it. Therefore, you have to choose whatever you think is best for you, but as a fact, a mapped path may easily lead to a missed spot.