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Top fall decor trends for a refreshed home

People who want to renew their homes and follow the most recent trends in terms of interior design should get informed about what the most popular lookbooks promote at the moment. Since fall is one of the most preferred seasons of the year and it also represents the beginning of new collections and trends, it is paramount to list some of the top picks of interior designers at this very moment. Retailers and designer enthusiasts already shared their opinion on what houses should look like this fall. From colour palettes to statement accessories and including gas stoves into the design, you will find it all here.

Statement accent colours

First of all, there is a slight change in the way colour palettes are used in interior design. Statement colours are in the center of attention this year. From deep blue to different hues of yellow or orange, interior designers should stay daring and see if they can integrate unexpected colours and patterned designs into their projects. New fall trends are all about that wow factor that should be present in each and every room of the house. A nude colour palette that’s accentuated by a statement colour that attracts all eyes should be the “pièce de résistance” this year.

Using velvet

As a major update of the next season, interior design will meet the use of velvet. One of the most luxurious fabrics out there, velvet is the perfect way to bring warmth to a house. Placing a velvet chair next to a gas stove should turn the whole design upside down and give the owners that sense of comfort and luxe that they seek. Lounging areas are being offered a tremendous amount of attention this year, so keep an eye on chairs and sofas sales at your favourite shop. Adding a dose of texture to all rooms of your house is a must. Maybe you can’t afford velvet, but try textured pillows to emphasize the looks of your comfy bed or the sofa in the living room. Choose colours that suit the rest of the palette or the furniture’s nuance.


Paying attention to what lighting fixtures you choose, especially during fall is an absolute must. Lighting options are very diverse now, so take your time to select what would fit best in your home’s decor. Focus on LED lighting with a touch of vintage to them. Combining the modern with the traditional should result in the perfect outcome. Such a small change can make a huge difference in the final result of your house remodel. Look for wood and brass lighting fixtures or chandeliers that work with LEDs.


Graphic prints should be used in high-traffic rooms, such as the hall or living room. Choose graphic prints for statement decorations such as paintings or rugs. Don’t overpower anything and avoid crowding elements in one single room. Prints are tiring for the eye if you don’t choose them right, so carefully select the graphic prints you’re about to use. Look for inspiration in themed magazines.