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What you need to set up a She Shed

You love your family, your partner and your children, but there are days when home is no longer that place where you get relaxed and benefit from the quiet you have been craving for all day at work. You need a space only for yourself. One popular trend nowadays is for women to create their own “She Shed”. With a bit of imagination, proper tools and some affordable ribbons, you can create the perfect hideout in your own backyard all for yourself. Here’s what you need for this project.

First, you need a shed

Obviously, the first thing to have for this project is a shed. In case you don’t have one already in your backyard, you can opt for building it yourself. It’s not difficult at all if you have the necessary materials. Do some online research to get some ideas on how the shed should look like or on the types of materials you will need for this project. Don’t forget to consider the place where you want the shed to be installed. Ensure you leave enough room to move around the shed as well.

Think about decorations (ribbons could work well)

In order to turn the shed into an oasis, a place where you can escape whenever you want and have some relaxation, it is essential you decorate it properly, in a way that suits your style and tastes. If you want to make the place full of colour, your best option is to use ribbons as decorations. You can find ribbons in a wide range of colours, fabrics and designs. The tough choice here will be to decide upon the right ones. Use ribbons as curtains or as curtain rings, if you already have some curtains you would like to hang on the windows of your shed.

Also, you could use ribbons to decorate various pieces of furniture, such as a chair or a table, be it a regular one or a coffee table. You can use ribbons to decorate vases or to create decorations out of ribbons only. Let your imagination run wild and you will be surprised by the results.

Consider the purpose of your She Shed

Sure, you want a “she shed”, a place all for yourself where you can have some peace and quiet without anyone else to disturb you. But you can also use the shed in other purposes. For instance, you can use it as a home office or a space to develop your hand-made business. You can create your own workshop with all the materials, tools and equipment you need to start up a craft business.

Music and light – the secret ingredients

Light is essential for a “she shed”, regardless of the way you intend to use the space. The best option is natural light, which implies you should opt for big and wide windows. Also, having some relaxing background music would turn the space into the perfect oasis.

Creating a “she shed” is not difficult. You mostly need time and a bit of imagination in order to find the perfect decorations for the space.