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Workspace design tips for higher productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace, there are many variables to consider. However, certain aspects weigh more than others. It’s no news that the working environment has a direct and powerful impact on employee’s productivity and overall performance. The ambience and layout of a space can influence people’s feelings and behaviors. As such, it makes perfect sense to ensure a proper working space for your staff if you want them to perform to their full potential. From small décor ideas to office setting and structure, there are plenty of things you can do to create a pleasant and productive working environment.

Focus on the physical layout

The way a room is structured dictates the whole ambience of the place. Your employees will work better (or worse) depending on the layout you choose for the office. For example, open floor plans for offices, although very popular in recent years, might not be the best idea if you want to support productivity. Some studies show that an open floor plan can inhibit employees since it reduces privacy. They’re more reluctant to have meaningful discussions when they’re “out in the open” and the chances of getting interrupted are significantly higher, which obviously has a negative effect on productivity levels.

Ensure a clean and tidy work space

A messy space equals a messy mind, and that’s the last thing you want to happen in the workplace. Cluttered and disorganized environments will not only distract employees from their tasks, but they will also make it harder to perform their activity (you can look for a file for ages) and pose serious health and safety risks. If you’ve got a manufacturing company and you’ve got all kinds of equipment pieces such as Gulvvekter, Etikettmaskiner or Etikettprintere lying around everywhere on the production floor, you must sort that out immediately. Make it a priority to keep the space clean and tidy in your company, no matter what industry you’re in.

Bring in the right equipment

Quality equipment is without a doubt a game changer when it comes to productivity. You’re probably thinking computers and other gadgets here, but we’re actually talking about standing desks, another hot trend in the office landscape. Sitting for hours on end in front of a screen can lead to serious health issues and also affect employee productivity. Sure, taking short breaks can help, but a standing desk can help even more. A stand-to-sit desk will make the work space less static, allowing employees to change positions as they see fit and increase physical activity while working.

Personalize the space

The ambience of a space matters. Needless to say, a cold and impersonal workplace won’t help your employees be more productive, but a space that has character and personality will. Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should encourage employees to bring their living room to the office, but adding personal touches can make them feel more relaxed, connected and inspired. Plants, photos and other small décor items can really brighten the working area and create the right atmosphere for boosting productivity.