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Your home can become the ultimate healing oasis – here’s how

Some people are focused on their therapy sessions more than everything else, but they can only enjoy the beneficial effects of it while they are in the appropriate environment. For instance, many people consider that the relaxed state of mind and the inner balance they cultivate at the holistic rehabs they choose are no longer there once they reach their homes. Well, this is no longer an issue. Besides adopting healthier habits, you need to start living in a healthier environment as well.  If you are fully dedicated to your therapy sessions and you’d like to take them further, here is how to transform your own house in a healing oasis that backs up your therapy:

A room for meditation only

Do you have a room that you never use? Planned to transform it into an office but it never worked out the way you wanted? Why not making it your own meditation room? If you went to yoga classes before or you attended rehab programs, you know how minimalist and relaxing the rooms are decorated. Doing that in a room of your house can help you follow your therapy schemes and your meditation routine much easier. Your health retreat can be in your own house. Sticking to your habits will help you to avoid slipping back to the problems you had in the past. Clear out the room you plan to transform and invest into stools, comfortable blankets, crystals, stones, tiny Buddhas, whatever crosses your mind.

The decluttered bedroom

Next, make sure that your bedroom is clean and encourages a good night’s sleep. Preparing your mind for sleep means staying away from distractions or technology. Keep the furniture as minimal as possible here – a wardrobe, a bed and some nightstands should be enough. Adding mirrors is recommended as well. Natural elements such as houseplants and good lighting will help you sleep better. Invite nature inside the house in all ways you can. Improve the air quality by opening the windows in the morning.  Electronics should be kept away because EMFs influence the quality of your sleep. Honor the healing process by decluttering your bedroom each time you feel like it becomes too crowded.

Scented candles and aromatic oils

Ambiance does matter when you want to make your home your own sanctuary. Therapy at home is much more effective when using elements that encourage a relaxing atmosphere. Aromatherapy is popular for its therapeutic effects and it is often used in luxury treatment centers selected by people who are battling addiction or other difficult moments in their lives. Investing in scented candles or aromatic oils is never a bad move, regardless of how many you want. Each scent has a certain effect on your body. Be careful to buy candles made out of soy or beeswax. Candles are designed to be lit, so don’t just simply display them here and there.